I’m a romantic and I LOVE it.

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I was partly inspired to write this blog post while reading one of my all-time favorite books, The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh for a third time. It’s just one of those books that describes love so poetically and beautifully where I can’t help but think “I wish I had the capability to write words that beautifully.” But Renee Ahdieh was only part of the inspiration, the other part was Orion Carloto’s Youtube video entitled “I cry a lot, but it’s for the art.” Now, I think Orion is fantastic at what she does and a great writer but I would have to disagree with this sentiment.

I follow tons of poetry and artsy type accounts on Instagram and very frequently their writing is inspired by sadness, hate, anger or even revenge. This makes sense because those emotions are undoubtedly powerful but while this makes sense, I can not relate.

My muse isn’t sadness or hate or cracks in my chest, my muse is that feeling when you hug someone so tight, it physically hurts. My muse is when you smile so wide, crinkle form around your eyes. My muse is the unwavering belief in happy endings and my muse is singing loud and dancing crazy. My muse is tiny acts of kindness and laughing with loved ones. My muse doesn’t come when there are tears streaming down my cheek rather it’s always there, a constant hum, a constant hope, my muse is love.

I vehemently believe that love and happiness are simply so much stronger than negative emotions. I always find myself more inspired and creative when I’m at my happiest. I’m most creative when I’m surrounded by people I love, doing what I love.

The truth is, I love love.

I love love, not just romantic love but the feeling of love in general. I’m talking about the unconditional love a mother has for her child or love between two siblings or two friends. I’m talking about the tiny, random acts of kindness that show love in perhaps the purest form, unwarranted, between two humans.

It’s inspiring, it’s beautiful, I don’t know what it is about love but I find it to be the purest of emotions. Love is no doubt my muse in everything. From blog posts when I was fourteen about books I loved or currently, the notes app on my phone.

The ‘notes’ app on my phone is a special kind of sanctuary, filled with tiny scraps of writing, poetry, excerpts from stories and random thoughts that I have. The seemingly mismatched notes on there are strung together with a common thread. They’re inspired by love and all the emotions that come with it. Happiness, hope, losing love, missing love, the feeling of floating, the feeling of falling.

Perhaps that’s why I love love stories so much. The ones about two people giving everything they have to each other. Two souls connecting, becoming one. I can’t help but find something so poetic in that. Yes, I know I’m such a romantic, I get this from my friends all the time but I can’t help myself. I can’t help but hopelessly, madly believe in love.

I was watching this movie on Netflix the other day where this guys loosely tells the story of two lovers who spend a lifetime getting together but they realize in order to stay together, they have to give up everything they know and spend the rest of their life on a boat. Then the narrator asks this, “If you have to give up everything else and spend the rest of your days on a boat, who are the must haves, the ones you can’t live without?”

We all have people in our life we’d give up everything for and spend our days on a boat with, and those, my friends, are the people we love.

Very often, I find myself in my head, thinking, and the other day, while I was in bed, almost asleep but not quite there, I had a thought. By the end of most days our mind can kind of label the kind of day we had, exhausting, happy, boring, fun, productive. I started thinking, if I died right now, how would my life be labeled thus far? Of course, our lives are far more complex than a single day but if I were to describe my life so far in a few words, what words would I use?

That’s when I realized, I don’t want to live a life where the predominant emotion is anger or sadness or regret, there are so many better emotions out there and I didn’t want to actually look back at my life, lying on my deathbed and feel anything but absolutely content.

We work to build the life we love but it’s useless if we don’t love the journey to get there.

Unfortunately when you look back at your life, you’re still going to count the thirty years you spent climbing that corporate ladder as part of it. Your life won’t start once you hit a certain milestone, your life is happening right now. In today’s society, we spend too much time thinking about the future we love and not enough time loving what we have in the present. The truth is, you can always find something to love in the right now.

I can honestly say, love is my favorite thing in the world. There’s so much in this world that I love, I love my family and my friends. I love the feeling of writing and getting lost in a book. I love cuddling in my blanket when it’s cold outside. I love baking and the smell of cinnamon. I love laughing so hard that my cheeks physically hurt. I can’t even help but love people and the world we live in. I understand that there’s so much negative energy in today’s time but love can be seen everywhere and I can’t help but believe that love trumps hate.

To conclude, there was a single quote in the Wrath and the Dawn that really inspired this,

Heaven was a heart where love dwells and hell was a heart absent absent love.

It’s slightly paraphrased to fit a single line but you get the point. I hope I got you thinking a bit, I hope you enjoyed, I hope you tell someone you’d take on the boat that you love them.

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