A Letter for a Lover.

Image result for sound wave i love you

911 what’s your emergency?

Could a heart actually burst with love?

Lying in your arms, I find my chest ache,

an indescribable feeling,

For once I’m at loss for words,

Mesmerized by your breaths

Memorizing the moment


Softly snoring

I didn’t know I could love like this.

Could I freeze this moment?

Could I freeze this feeling?

I look over in pure awe. Do you understand the depth of the beauty you radiate? A single picture from you makes me smile, seeing you smile makes my heart beat just a bit faster and my cheeks can’t help resemble red velvet whenever you’re around.

“I was enchanted to meet you.”

I’m left wondering how I can transform this feeling into words,

There’s a special kind of comfort found within your embrace.

I’m afraid to put it into writing,

Am I saying too much?

Am I showing too much?

Are you running away yet?

I’ve always said that if people can’t handle you at your full, they are not your people. If you’re afraid of being too much, they are not someone you should hang around. I’ve never felt like I’m too much for you, a feeling I’ve carried with me often. You make me fearless in the smallest ways. You make me fearless without realizing it.

You genuinely make me feel pretty when I’m feeling anything but.

Hearing your voice makes the worst days so much better.

I’m finding you within the words of my favorite poems

You’re between the lines of my favorite songs,

Little reminders, all day,

It’s you.

“Only been here for a moment, but I know I want you.

But is it too soon? To know that I’m with you.”

I find my lips telling you things I’d never tell,

My mouth is smiling without my knowing,

My heart feels like its soaring

Did you know hearts could soar?

I was trying to clear the kaleidoscope of love and heartbreak.

I found you in its awakening.

I’m wondering if I met you by chance or fate.

Everything is different with you. Every moment feels a little too right. I’ve always wondered if falling was a choice and up until meeting you my answer was yes. Now I’m not so sure. Little things you do, little things you say, little things about the way we interact shape my perspective every day.

Trivial banter to long conversations.

How can someone know you and not fall for you?

“You hit me like a tidal wave, I could hardly run and I couldn’t escape”

I’m beginning to see that maybe I don’t have to keep everything inside, maybe leaning on someone is okay. There’s a strength in letting someone in that I’d never seen before. I’d be lying if I said little parts of me weren’t absolutely terrified but something about you gives me faith, something in you makes me believe.

“Baby, let me be your man so I can love you

And if you let me be your man, then I’ll take care of you”

I could talk to you, forever.

I could not talk, next to you, forever.

But time melts around us.

You turn

hours to minutes,

minutes to seconds,


years be months

and months just weeks?

We’ve done nothing but talk until eight in the morning. I consistently look forward to your name on my phone and count down till I get to see you in person, however long it takes. I can’t seem to get enough of who you are.

Our interactions are something different, each one feels it ends a moment too soon, leaves me wanting more, I don’t think I could have enough. There’s an air of a familiar comfort and yet a spark of adventure. I could sit with you for hours in comfortable silence and yet get butterflies when I see your face.

I simultaneously feel like I’ve known you a few weeks and a few lifetimes.

I simultaneously feel like we’re the same and yet completely different.

I’m sitting on the barstool,

Captivated by the way you move

Unable to encapsulate feelings into words,

I’m lying enveloped in your arms,

Surrounded by stillness,

I don’t know how it gets better than this.

“Oh, shall I stay? Would it be a sin?

Oh, if I can’t help falling in love with you”

There’s an endless sea around us,

Waves carrying us in different ways,

I’ve found comfort in believing in us

Wherever the ocean goes.

“I feel safe when you’re holding me near

Love the way that you conquer your fear

You know hearts don’t break around here”

I watch our fingers move against each other,

Is our night coming to a close,

Is our sunrise approaching,

You say what’s on my mind

I say what’s on yours.

We’ll paint the afternoon with the night sky.

The odds aren’t in our favor, stars aren’t easy to replicate and yet I see them shine in your eyes. The distance, the age and fifty more reasons to walk away and yet there’s an unwavering faith in me that I can’t begin to explain.

Is this all in my head, are you feeling it too?

This narrative was written in a style completely new to me, somewhere between poetry and prose, it seemed the only way I could write this one. As you may have noticed, in between my words are words of artists much better than me. The sentences written in light grey are little bits of songs that hold a meaning dear to me. They are, in order,

Enchanted- Taylor Swift

I’m With you- Vance Joy

Tidal Wave- Snowmine

Let Me- ZAYN

Can’t Help Falling in Love- Hailey Reinhart

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here- Ed Sheeran

Thank you for reading this far and hope you enjoyed this different piece.

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