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I’m so excited for this for this posttttt!!!!!!!

Okay sooo….in 2018, I made possibly one of the best decisions of my life, starting a public blog. I didn’t originally intend it to become a tell-all blog about my life but somehow throughout the year, it became a place for me to bare my bruises to everyone. A cathartic and very very rewarding experience. I wouldn’t have healed as I have or been able to call myself an author if it wasn’t for all of you wonderful people reading and supporting my blog.

I love that this blog has become a place for me to talk about things everyone enjoys pushing under the rug. I love that I get to be open and honest and truly vulnerable, even when it scares me to be so. Admittedly, the past couple of months I haven’t been posting much. Partly, this is because I’ve been working on other writing projects (a novel and a second poetry collection!!), but also because I’ve been stuck on what to talk about.

I feel like my best blog posts have come from a raw and vulnerable place. They’ve come from the times I talked about things that others don’t want to talk about. For a while there, I was scared people only wanted to read my blog if I laid out juicy secrets, but my last blog post, talking about my very real fear of coming off as ‘too much’ helped show me otherwise. You guys responded super well to it, much better than I anticipated. It was a very honest blog post about something I’ve dealt with for a long time but not necessarily some big gossip point.

That’s when I realized, it was my most honest blog posts that garnered views and connections from you guys. From then, I knew the theme of my blog would remain unfiltered honesty but I was still lost on where to take this blog. And then, last night at 1am, my phone lit up in the dark with a text from one of my best friends. She was panicking about a boy situation and so we spent half an hour talking it out. And then I had an epiphany.

Last summer, when I had significantly less readers, I tried to add an advice column to this blog but took away the idea after just a couple weeks. I realized that my execution was the problem at the time, not necessarily the idea. This blog has acted as my way of ‘talking it out’ for the last year, writing out my issues has led me to connect with so many people and helped me deal with things I didn’t even know I could deal with. I realized I wanted to do that with others now.

I want to talk over your problems with you and about issues you want me to bring attention to.

And so, here I am, bringing last year’s idea back, a bit differently. I now have an ask hiba page, where I will make blog posts of things you guys want me to talk about. You can remain completely anonymous or use your name. This can be a classic advice where you tell me about a situation you’re in, or you can just ask about a topic you want me to bring attention to and I will.

I want to remain as honest and truthful as possible with you guys. You can ask me questions about my own life, like about mental health, or being brown, or lost about what I’m doing with my life. You can ask relationship advice or friendship and life advice. Maybe I’ll be able to help you or maybe I’ll dissect the problem and admit that I don’t have the answer either.

Either way, we’ll have real, honest dialogue about it.

You can dm me on Instagram or Twitter (@hibzeem) or you can use the ask hiba page (possibly anonymously) to talk!

My goal is to make this a weekly column but this will depend on how many people submit things, (which you should totally do by the way!).

Tell me the things you’ve been thinking about and let’s start conversation. Please! (This’ll be really awkward if no one wants to haha!). I want to thank you for the overwhelming support so far and I’m really really excited to be taking this blog into this direction, and I hope you guys love this as much as I do!

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