My Book

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve had one dream, to write my own book. After many long nights and re-writes, I can finally say that my book is officially on Amazon!
So many of you have supported me through my little blog posts and writing endeavors so I ask you for support one more time. Please help my dream come true and click this link to buy ‘I Love You’. The e-book edition is only a dollar!

This book talks about falling in love, with both myself and other people. I wrote sections while severely depressed and in the hospital while other parts were written while I felt on top of the world. I talk about falling in love, and how scary to it is to lean on others. I talk about how the hardest person to say I love you to is often yourself. This book is literally my heart and my soul and means everything to me. If you buy please shoot me a dm or a text so I can thank you personally! This literally means everything to me and I can’t make my dream come true without your support! Please please support it if you have the means to!

book description:

My favorite thing about people is that we constantly change, sometimes we fall like leaves and other times we’re blooming more beautiful than spring flowers. I wrote this collection in hospital beds, on park benches, in quiet corners in ‘barnes and noble’, and on the ‘notes’ app on my phone while half asleep.

This book reflects my own mind’s changes over the course of about a year. Tuning into my own feelings, the feelings of loved ones, and the world. I’ve always felt the world in high saturation. The news often makes me cry and seeing strangers in love leaves me smiling to myself. While navigating this world, I’ve found my greatest joy in writing.

While creating this collection, I was diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorder, changing my life as I knew it. This collection gives you a look into my journey of rediscovering myself, learning to lean on others, recovering from heartbreak and falling into the many shades of love. I talk about loving, platonically and romantically. An ode to romance, self-love, and the celebration of life.